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(V) Spaghetti Napoletana With tomato, onion and garlic sauce - £7.95 
Spaghetti Bologniase With minced beef, tomato and herb sauce - £8.50 
Spaghetti Oceanic With mixed seafood and chopped vegetables - £11.90 
(V) Penne a La Paesana Pasta quills with peas, mushrooms, onion, garlic and tomato - £7.95 
(V) Tortelloni With tomato or cream & mushroom sauce - £8.90 
(V) Penne Napolitana With tomato, onion, garlic sauce - £7.95 
Trout With almonds - £9.75 
Trout Meuniere Simmered in light butter and lemon - £10.95 
Scampi Deep fried - £16.75 
Scampi Provencale Served in a sauce of wine, garlic, tomato and parsley on a bed of rice - £17.95 
Seabass Plainly grilled on the bone - £16.90 
Seabass Fillets With lemon & herb sauce - £17.90 
Salmon Freshly grilled - £9.90 
Salmon Veloute Poached in a light veloute sauce with lemon, herbs and cream - £11.90 
Cod Gently grilled - £12.95 
Cod Mornay In a white wine and cream sauce served 'Au gratin' - £14.95 
Dover Sole Gently grilled - £25.95 
Dover Sole Meuniere Simmered in light butter and lemon - £27.95 
King Prawns Grilled in parsley, butter, garlic and lemon juice - £19.90 
Whole Lobster Thermidor In a white wine and wild mustard sauce served 'Au Gratin' - £28.90 
Chicken Valdestano Topped with ham, cheese & tomato sauce - £11.90 
Chicken A La Creme Sauteed chicken breast simmered in white wine, mushroom and cream sauce - £10.95 
Chicken Chasseur Sauteed chicken breast in wine, onion, tomato and mushroom sauce - £10.95 
Chicken Kiev Supreme of chicken stuffed with garlic butter, cooked with breadcrumbs and served on a bed of rice - £12.90 
Lamb Cutlets - £14.95 
T-Bone Steak Prime scotch beef - £19.95 
Sirloin Steak Prime scotch beef - £17.95 
Fillet Steak - £18.95Steak Prime scotch beef - £18.95 
Veal Chop Grilled - £17.95 
Veal Parmegiana Served in herb, garlic and tomato sauce topped with cheese - £14.95 
Escalope Marsala Fried in light butter with mushroom, marsala wine and fresh cream sauce - £14.95 
Wiener Schnitzel Veal escalope in breadcrumbs - £14.95